Dober Man

Just when you thought metal vocalists could not become more brutal, Dober Man have raised the bar, and then brought it crashing down on our skulls, before repeatedly raising and lowering the bar, on our skulls, raising, lowering, raising, lowering.

Locked in a solid steel cage and surrounded by one of the most technically proficient "progressive death metal" bands in existence, Warren the Dobermann is probably the first dog in history to be an active member of a metal band. Warren barks in perfect time with the music occasionally lashing out and attempting to attack audience members - it's a live show you just can't miss.

Topp Katz is proud to bring you their first release - on 12" of course.

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The Really Busy Bus Driver said...

I saw Dober Man on the weekend..He was riding the bus and eating Irish Stew out of a rusty tincan..

When he got off the bus he had a spew..Must of had a big night..I was surprised he walked on all fours though?