Young Buck

When a friend asked us what we thought of the name Young Buck for his new band, it was suggested that internet searches might turn up something unexpected.

However, we also thought it would be a great name for a band of ageing 50+ dads with a sense of irony. So Topp Katz got on it, and gathered some of the greatest receding rockers - that aren't dead, Bob "Fingers" McGee, Keith "2-Tone" Kennedy, Ross "Fletcher" Fletcher, and Frank "Fred" Finlay - Young Buck was born. You might not like it but your Dad will. Groan-worthy puns, shameless dancing, and very loud shirts are the order of the day.


Anonymous said...

worst band ever

me-no-emo-xxx-06 said...

My Dad full loves these guys ! lol* I don't *coughs* rofl!