Cyclone Larry

Roadie, Cyclone Larry was catapulted into the underground when performing a
soundcheck at a recent World Hunger Protest. Primarily, but not exclusively,
acknowledged for his howling blues, Larry torments his audiences leaving them both, hungry and hungry for more.

Larry only scratched the surface of his possible mainstream audience when he got into a backstage fight with several audience members.

"They kept coming at me, but I did not want to hurt them, so I just tried to poke their eyes out. Unfortunately I missed and only scratched their face. They scared me and I scarred them." Larry told NME in a recent interview recounting the event.

Larry enjoys relaxing after his shocking performances with a Banana Split Sundae.


Anonymous said...

I fought Larry, and kicked him in the gonads.

bernard said...

mate Larry ain't shit. I was at that show and he got made piss

Davo said...

I remember one time, Larry stole an umbrella and then had it on stage an then this girl in the front row got snap kicked in the face and Larry goes, "Come here and I'm a fix it." and she come up and he full stabbed her forehead with the umbrella. Funny as fuck.

i love jupiler said...

This guy is so lame, its just a pale copy of what Lio (a french singer) already did years and years ago, and she was way more hardcore than him..
check it out:

Sergeant Coleman said...

Larry sister is pretty darty..she used to kick it in Balga with me and Thor..
Metallica and bongs all day & niht.
Good times